A Child Is Missing Alert program started on a wing and a prayer in 1997 to help find missing children. When you get an idea and only you can see the long term good it will do, it is sometimes hard to get others to understand your passion. But as long as you believe you can make it happen.

For over 3 years I trudged along and just made ends meet while keeping on task. The first funding came from the Florida Legislature. We were off and running!

Then I ventured to Washington, DC to look for federal funding, the late Congressman E. Clay Shaw requested and obtained funding for the expansion of A Child Is Missing Alert Program.

Funding came from the US Government in the form of earmarks (no longer exists) this support was very important to all nonprofit organizations. A Child Is Missing now relies on private funding, fundraisers, grants, states and law enforcement to provide funding.


-Sherry Friedlander, Founder