Child Safety Education Program

ACIM’s Child Safety Education Program provides age appropriate information to children in summer camp. The program is based on six rules of child safety, including the buddy system, a secret code word, saying “no” with authority, and avoiding the most common lures used by abductors. The information is presented in the form of theory, video presentation and role playing, and is reinforced with handouts such as safety activity books.

We also conduct prevention training sessions to equip teachers with program-specific material and scripts. Local area school teachers lead these presentations and engage the children around safety. 

Our High Risk Youth Program is for court appointed youth, ages 11 - 17 (depending on state). This year-round program has been very successful in defining choices and consequences.


Sexual Predator Adult Educational Awareness Program 

In January 2008, ACIM produced the educational video It Can’t Happen to Me! The video brings together two true-to-life scenarios about sexual predators based on actual cases we'd worked on. This presentation features preventive information for adults, meant to educate and prepare them for when trying situations.