The support of Law Enforcement, Donors and Sponsors has enabled A Child Is Missing, Inc. to reach over 91,000 youth in the past sixteen years, providing them with personal safety, anti-bullying, internet safety and communication tools and techniques they would not have otherwise received.

Our Child Safety Education Program, which is the proactive arm of A Child Is Missing Inc., reaches these children and adolescents, ages 5 through 17, with age-appropriate information that helps them navigate through their current stage of development. 

The goal of our Educational Team is to assist children and adolescents in finding their voice.  This is of particular importance for high risk youth, who are among the most vulnerable of populations.  As they gain self-awareness and understanding, they improve and increase their communication confidence and effectiveness.  When they establish confidence and effectiveness in communication, it is our belief that this can, at the very least, minimize their risks for exposure to violence, which leads to the promotion of public safety. 

Prevention is the key to their success; and, that prevention must begin early.