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2018 Child and Adolescent Safety Education Campaign


Please help to support our 2018 Child and Adolescent Safety Education Campaign by going to our DONATE NOW Button today.  Your tax-deductible donation will be greatly appreciated.


Why this Campaign is so important…

 *A Child Is Missing’s Child and Adolescent Safety Education (C.A.S.E.) Program was taught to over 8,300 youth in 2017.

*We reach children and adolescents who would not otherwise receive valuable safety and bullying aversion tools and techniques to help         ensure their personal safety, through these FREE classes.

*Our Anti-bullying and Effective Communication Program for Vulnerable Youth is expanding and requests for taking the courses to 6th Grade   Students entering Middle School are numerous.

*We hire Certified Florida Teachers to teach our Child Safety Education Program in Summer Camps throughout Broward County, and have for   thirteen years. 

*There is still a tremendous need to expand these programs in order to reach more youth and, A Child Is Missing, Inc. needs your financial   support in order to do this.

 In 2004 we began our Child Safety Education Program.  This program provides age-appropriate information to summer-camp children(ages 5 to 7) based on six rules of child safety.  In the classes, children learn basic rules they can follow to help keep themselves safe from others in potentially dangerous situations.

The power of Positive Attitude Wins I & II Programs is an integral part of our child safety program and deals with bullying in various forms…Physical, Emotional, Mental and Cyber Bullying. We talk about being an Up-Stander rather than a By-Stander.  Children discuss instances when they have seen bullying or been a part of bullying; and, by talking to others they begin to understand that everyone experiences bullying on some level.  It is what a person decides to do about it that makes a difference.  We also introduce the topic of positive attitude in their everyday life and how important it is to deal with bullying when it takes place.  We explore with the children what the words Positive Attitude mean for them in regards to bullying.  Children are reassured by the stories they share and by our teachers.  They realize that they are not alone and that only by resolution can they avoid conflict.  Today the Internet is used for many activities.  Some activities are positive, and others less than positive and sometimes harmful.  Youth face very serious risks online, such as online predators, cyberbullying and the consequences of making inappropriate choices by disclosing far too much information about themselves.  An intrinsic part of safeguarding youth online is teaching them about the risks they face and how to make responsible choices and decisions. 

In 2009 we commenced our Anti-Bullying and Effective Communication Program, a year-round program, consisting of two courses, The Anatomy of the Murder of a Bully and Express Yourself-A Course in Effective Communication, has been taught, to rave reviews, to vulnerable and at-risk students at AMIkids, Department of Juvenile Justice Youth Probation Program, Girls’ Detention Center, Gulfstream Academy of Hallandale Beach, Memorial Healthcare System Community Youth Services Program, PACE Center for Girls, Walter C. Young Middle School and Whiddon-Rogers Education Center.  We have been asked by each organization, and the youth served by those organizations, to return because the information provided in these courses is addressing the needs of the youth.  In addition to the tools and skill-sets provided, this program so often brings hope to youth with few role models, and help in changing the cycle of early abuse, exploitation and manipulation they have experienced.  They find their voice.