Resources for Law Enforcement

If a child or elderly person is missing in your area, please call us at

888-875-2246 or 954-763-1288 as soon as possible. 


Our Alerts & others

ACIM alerts can be used in tandem with Amber Alerts and Silver Alerts. We are a formal part of the Silver Alerts in Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee. It's important to note that ACIM doesn't activate these alerts. ACIM's alerts are not restrained by jurisdictional boundaries, meaning they can cross city, county, and state lines. 



ACIM hosts regular training throughout the country. We also have trainers who are available to speak at national and local conferences. Upon request, we are happy to supply materials to your agency.


Brooklyn Park police say an alert system was instrumental in helping them find an elderly woman with dementia. The system is called A Child Is Missing. Police say it's useful in finding people of all ages when an Amber Alert cannot be issued.

Pricing for enrollment

Pricing is based on the number of personnel using our program.

      1-99 Sworn officers/deputies $200.00

100-499 Sworn officers/deputies $400.00

500-899 Sworn officers/deputies $750.00

Over 900 Sworn officers/deputies $1,200.00

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