Child Safety Education Programs (CSEP):


Campers, “Let’s Be Safe Together!”

Ages 5 to 7 years

In 2004 we began our Child Safety Education Program.  This program provides age-appropriate information to summer-camp children (ages 5 to 7) based on six rules of child safety.  In the classes, children learn basic rules they can follow to help keep themselves safe from others in potentially dangerous situations.

Positive Attitude Wins I – Anti-Bullying Program©

Ages 8 to 10 years

Course Rationale

Why we teach our Positive Attitude Wins I – Anti-Bullying Program to children as early as possible…

Bullying occurs in school playgrounds every 7 minutes and once every 25 minutes in class.

Course Description

The power of Positive Attitude Wins Program is an integral part of our child safety program and deals with bullying in various forms…Physical, Emotional, Mental and Cyber-Bullying.

 Positive Attitude Wins II – Internet Safety Program©

(Educating, Engaging and Empowering Youth to be Safer on the Internet)

Ages 11 to 14 years

The Anatomy of a Murder of a Bully©

Ages 11 to 17 years

Course Rationale

Broward County resources for youth, in particular Vulnerable, High Risk Youth, are often scarce.

It will help dispel the myths surrounding the bully and the act of bullying. 

"Express Yourself!” – A Course in Effective Communication©

Ages 11 to 17 years

Course Description

This ten-hour course provides an overview of the how and why they are at high risk for being misunderstood, and sometimes exploited and abused, due to their inability to clearly convey what they are thinking and/or feeling. 

“It Can’t Happen to Me!” Sexual Predator Educational Awareness Program ©

(A Program about Child Sexual Abuse and the Sexual Predator)

Ages 14 to 17 years

(Also Presented to Parents, Teachers and Other Adults)

 Program Rationale

The Sexual Predator Educational Awareness Program was conceptualized and developed as a result of years of working with Law Enforcement and focusing on the safety of children.  A Child Is Missing, Inc. recognized that adults often did not know how to respond to children’s issues as a direct result of not understanding the issue. 

Program Description

It can happen in your neighborhood…it can happen to children who attend your schools…children are not safe.

As adults, educating ourselves about those who prey upon and abuse our children is the first and most important step we can take to protect our children and ensure a healthy and happy future for them.  As adults we are responsible for the safety of our children.  We need to LEARN THE FACTS ABOUT CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE and UNDERSTAND THE RISKS.

A Child Is Missing, Inc., through presentation of our two-part, educational docudrama series, “It Can’t Happen To Me!” helps answer questions youth and adults might have about how to recognize Child Sexual Abuse and the Sexual Predator.