This program provides the necessary coordinated and rapid response, which are essential factors in the recovery effort.
— Cheif Alexander Rolle, Jr., Homestead Police Department

Services Offered

Missing Alerts                                                                                                         

Intent: Our alert program acts on behalf of law enforcement in notifying communities nationwide about a missing child (potentially Autistic/have a cognitive disability) or elderly person (often with Alzheimer’s/dementia), the disabled, and college students. This program is only actived by law enforcement and is available to all municipal, state and federal law enforcement agencies in the USA.

Requirements: All agencies need to fill out a Letter of Participation on the department's letterhead, which needs to be signed from the Chief or Sheriff. Except for agencies in the State of Florida, we also ask for payment of services. Please find this information under 'Alert Program' --> 'Law Enforcement'.

General: Through a high-speed telephone alert, we have the capacity to inform residents and businesses in the area surrounding where the missing person was last seen. Our Recovery Specialists use digital mapping and satellite imagery to set a radius and send out alerts. Our specialists are available 24/7 – 365. Our system is capable of placing 1,000 alert calls in one minute. These alerts contain a detailed description of the individual, their last known location, and the law enforcement agency information that is handling the case. Call recipients are prompted to call the non-emergency number to the agency if they have any information pertaining to the case or the missing person. For a sample of this message, please click below:

Sexual Predator Notification

Intent: To notify a community when a predator, who has committed a felony sex crime (adult on child) for which he/she has been designated a predator/offender, has taken up residence in that community. This program is to be used only in states which require or permit law enforcement to notify their residents of sexual predators.

Requirements: An agency must have a Letter of Participation on file with A Child Is Missing, signed by the
agency’s Sheriff or Chief of Police, stipulating the agency’s intent to use this program. The victim(s) of the crime for which the convicted subject has been deemed a sexual predator/offender must have been under the age of 18 at the time of the crime. The predator must have been an adult at the time he/she committed the crime for which he/she has been designated a predator. The predator must be an adult convicted of a felony sex crime against a child.

General: A letter of participation must be on file with us indicating that ACIM is authorized to make sexual offender notification calls for your agency. For each offender, our specific form must be completely filled out and an officer must sign off that he/she has visited the offender’s home and verified that offender indeed lives at the address and matches the general description being given to the public. The form is then faxed to our office. Calls are run at 7pm local time for all forms received by 3pm EST that day. Forms received after 3pm are run the next day. On average, calls are run in a quarter mile radius around the offender’s home unless the area is extremely rural and the radius may be taken wider to generate more calls. For a sample audio of the notification, click below:



Our Child Abduction Response Team (C.A.R.T.) Notification Program is the activation arm for many C.A.R.T.s throughout the country. This program uses a pre-established calling list set up with A Child Is Missing by the team’s liaison and, when notified by the team, A Child Is Missing activates the team and deploys it to the command post set up to respond to the child abduction. This program was the first of its kind in Florida.