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Teachers Needed

No Papers to Grade…

No Tests to Give…

Lessons Plans & Class Schedules Supplied…

Just Teach Kids!

How do we keep our children safe?  A Child Is Missing, Inc. believes that educational and prevention programs that enhance community awareness and community involvement will help ensure their safe-keeping.  But, we must also give these vulnerable young people the skill-sets they need to help ensure their own safety.  We must couple adult awareness with self-empowerment tools for children.   

A Child Is Missing conducts prevention training sessions to equip teachers with the age-appropriate program material and scripts that have been specifically crafted to teach children how to be safe in potentially dangerous situations.  

Teachers are needed to teach our Child Safety Education Summer Camp Program, consisting of three age-appropriate classes, for children ages 5-17..

If you are interested in a rewarding Paid Part-time Teaching Experience, from June 17, 2019 to August 5, 2019, please contact:

Melissa Rubio at (954) 763-1288 or; or

Dr. Alexis Brimberry at (954) 763-1288, Ext 3875 or